red bulls

Red Bull’s 2016 Foxhunt was a thing of beauty

The Premise

400 riders (the hounds) go hell for leather across moorland and down singletrack on a 3.5 mile course, chased by the mighty former DH champion Gee Atherton (the fox), who must do his best to overtake every last one of them before they reach the bottom.

The video

Here’s MTB commentator Rob Warner’s amazing and hilarious POV of the ride. It’s full of swears.

The result

Gee managed to overtake a grand total of 399 riders this year, with three-time winner Colin Ross managing to pull ahead early, and stay out. But it doesn’t really matter who won… what matters is the video below. It gives you a great middle-of-the-pack idea of just how bonkers this event really is. And after watching it, we’re tempted to give it a go. Pretty sure Gee could just about sneak past us though…

Tempted to give it a try yourself?