The Best Skincare Tools For Your Collection

The Best Skincare Tools For Your
There are a lot of skincare tools out there belega, and the choices can be overwhelming. But
the best ones can have a serious impact on your skin, from helping you achieve the
perfect makeup look to fighting signs of aging to keeping your complexion smooth
and supple. We asked our favorite beauty experts to help us put together this list of
the best facial tools for your collection and to share their top picks.

8 best sonic skincare tools | The Independent | The Independent
Microneedling Devices
This type of tool punctures your skin with tiny needles, triggering the body’s natural
healing response. The process stimulates collagen production and helps even out
your skin tone, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size. You can also use it to
treat acne or rosacea, and it can improve the appearance of scars, discoloration, and
Dermaplaning Rollers
A dermaplaning tool is a great option for people who don’t want to invest in a more
invasive procedure like microdermabrasion or chemical peels, and it’s the ideal way
to get a smoother, brighter complexion. The blade is gentle enough for sensitive
skin, and you’ll notice a difference in your complexion in as little as a month.
The blade removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells, which allows skincare
products to penetrate deeper and work more effectively. The process can be done
on its own, or paired with a cleanser or moisturizer.
Dermaplaning Rollers
You can find a variety of dermaplaning tools on the market, but we recommend
investing in a quality model. These rollers are easy to clean (spritz them with a bit of
alcohol and let them air-dry), and they’re safer than traditional models that might
cause nicks or cuts on your skin.

The best new skin-care and beauty tools you can use at home
LED Light Therapy Equipment
This kind of gadget is basically a mask, only it uses different types of light to target
certain issues. For example, some are meant to reduce pigmentation, acne, and fine
lines, while others are supposed to lighten sun spots, brighten dark circles, and even
out your skin tone. The results are pretty dramatic, and it’s usually a good idea to do
a few sessions a week.
If you’ve ever been to a professional spa, you may have seen them using LED lights
in their treatments. Some are handheld, while others are plugged into a wall outlet
to work their magic.
Adding LED lighting to your at-home routine is an effective way to boost your
skincare results, especially for those looking to treat acne and fine lines, says
celebrity esthetician and co-founder of SkinLab Joshua Ross. The light therapy helps
to firm up skin and reduce redness and swelling, and you can choose from a range of

settings, from soothing blue LED lights to warming red ones.
Thermage Devices
A non-invasive alternative to microcurrent, ionic, and LED devices, this at-home
version is FDA-approved for tightening and lifting skin. It works by delivering two
kinds of microcurrents into your skin, which firm and tighten over time. It comes with
a connecting app that provides tutorials to guide you through each treatment.

What are the key elements for choosing a good online casino?

Everyone wants the best option to play when it comes to gambling and fun. An alternative that is at the forefront that is safe, reliable, which diversifies among other aspects. Thus, the following is a key element for choosing a good casino:

Terms and conditions

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Reliable or not?

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Customer care service

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Developers and software

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Variety of games

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Every casino has a different specialty, many have a great variety of games, slots, poker, among others. The quality of casino games varies according to their platform.


Recognized or not?

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The era of Casino Internet

The era of internet

Do you use the internet? Do you love to play online games? In the 19th century, people used to play with the stick and ball, people use to send the message from the post office or people used to travel a long way for pass a message it was a big process and also takes too much time, but now in the starting era of 20th, the internet was introduced this was the cheapest way To do your entertainment or to send a message someone, to search something, to learn something. It is a very good platform to learn something. It connects a person to another person with messaging to each other no matter how far away that person is from you. It works with the speed of electricity this is a very cheap and good mean of entertainment to play the games Malaysia online betting Casino gambling, etc. let us touch few more points of internet and get to know how it works and how much it is important in our life can it complete your daily needs let’s check out.

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What is the internet?

Internet is the electronic wave medium that works on the principle wave theory its speed is very fast comparatively equals to the electricity speed this is the best way to send a message from one place to another place and to connect with someone who is not present in the front of us. You can use it to play the game online it connects you with many people around the world; we can also play the casino game which is a very good game and it gives you full entertainment to the player.


How we can do entertainment on the internet?

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Advantage of internet

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Are there any Disadvantages on the internet?

There is no disadvantage of the internet but many apps and games are present there which waste your time and money, playing the game and watching videos which are associated with the internet. The Internet is made for making our daily life easy that’s why there is no disadvantage of it as directly.


gambling impact

Impact of Gambling on the Economy

Gambling has been existing in our society for more than 5000 years, the first instances of gambling were spotted in the stone age. With time gambling has gained popularity both as a form of entertainment and an ultimate money-minting slot game machine . The first Malaysia online slot casino were opened in Italy where the trend became famous for both the rich and the poor. Countries around the world started noticing gambling as an immoral activity and they took different routes to bring it under control. Some governments banned it completely while others saw this as an opportunity to collect hefty taxes. As mentioned in a report by The Business Research Company, the global gambling market will reach 565 Billion U.S. dollars by 2022, given its current growth rate of 6% per annum.


Economies around the world have legalized gambling to curb its negative effects and bring the best out of this activity, the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China have promoted gambling in cities like Las Vegas and Macau respectively. There is a whole section of society which looks down upon gambling as an immoral activity but we must understand that morality is a highly subjective term and is highly dependent on the common agreement of the people. Gambling is known to provide jobs to a lot of people as a casino is a vast establishment generally infused with hotels, resorts and restaurants. These institutions are massive employers of the hospitality sector since there is always the need to take care of a guest, provide accommodation, present food and keep the atmosphere spick and span. Casinos also employ a massive number of accounts and finance related personnel for keeping their books in check. According to a report published by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (2018), the annual employment generated by the gambling industry was more than 235,000 from top managerial employees to plumbers and janitors.

Some states which have consider gambling to be a legal activity, impose hefty taxes on these establishments which vary from 12% to 65% depending on different games played. In 2002 the Australian government collected 4 billion dollars as tax from the gambling economy and that almost two decades ago. In 2018-2019 the states of New Jersey and Nevada received taxes worth 36 million and 28 million U.S. dollars respectively. These taxes help the country to improve infrastructure, provide health benefits and create calamity funds. On the other hand, states which have banned gambling ultimately face an adverse effect, and their people travel to other states to gamble, they end up paying money not only to the casino but also help boost local business-like cafes, pubs, restaurants, gas stations and hotels.

Key issues that will help you in choosing the best online Casino

As we all know that 大马彩 online casinos are very famous and prominent among people. These days everyone wants to earn a lot of money with the help of online casino games. Make sure that treat it as an entertainment and relaxation zone, do not make it your permanent habit otherwise it will destroy you. There are thousands of online sites of gambling on the Internet that you can choose according to your wants. But make sure that you do not choose the scam, fraud and unfair websites; you have to choose the relevant and perfect site for playing the games 3win2u online casino.

Check out the casino information and license 

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Take the information about the quality of customer sport 

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Check the software platform of Casino 

Many different casinos offer the software facility without any cost. Firstly you have to collect all the relevant information about the software, before this, you can log in to the site. Sometimes online casinos use the proprietary software, do not think that it is not good but you can check its characteristics and reputation.

Gather information about money transfer 

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Check about the bonuses and promotions

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MTB Forks

5 of the best MTB forks that won’t break the bank

What do we mean by the best mountain bike forks that won’t break the bank agen slot indonesia? Well, we’re not concerning ourselves with fancy, known quantities such as the Fox 36 Factory and RockShox Pike RCT3, instead we’re looking at the best mid-priced MTB forks 96ace Kasino Indo around. That means forks that are still properly capable, but models that will not make such a massive crater in your wallet.

We’ve covered forks that can handle serious hits, a fork built for serious speed and a few trail forks in between. These are mid-priced models are well worth upgrading to if your current bike is fitted with a budget fork and you’ve got a spare £500 or so in your pocket.

Suntour Auron RC2

Some might be surprised to see Suntour getting a recommendation, but while earlier versions of the Auron had a few issues, the later builds (2015 onwards) of this burly trail or enduro fork are an excellent choice if riding rowdy trails is your thing. The feel is plush and consistent, and it Hoovers up big hits so that you barely notice they were there.

Separate high and low speed compression adjustment lets you get precisely the set-up you’re after and the dials are easy to reach on the crown knobs, should you like to make the odd tweak as you ride.

The Auron is available with 130mm, 140mm, 150mm and 160mm of travel and in 27.5 and 29in versions.

RRP £499

Best price £449.95

X-Fusion Sweep Roughcut HLR

Much like the Suntour Auron, X-Fusion’s Sweep is a cost-effective fork with performance comparable to fancier and more expensive models. It can take big hits in its stride too, while at the same time being sensitive enough to smooth out trail buzz. Separate high and low speed compression is easy to dial in.

This Roughcut version costs around £100 more than the regular Sweep HLR, we reckon it’s definitely worth it though for the upgraded damping and trail feedback it provides.

The Sweep is available with travel from 130mm to 160mm, and 27.5in and 29in versions.

RRP £549.99

Best price £411.99

RockShox SID RL

While this short travel fork is aimed squarely at the cross-country market, its consistent and supportive stroke means the SID can still hold its own through rooty sections and rock gardens as well.

As you’d expect from an XC fork with 32mm legs, weight saving cutaway dropouts and minimal travel, the SID is by far the lightest on test here, weighing in at just over 1.5kg for the 29er version. Travel ranges from 80mm to 100m, there’s a 27.5in model and an option for a remote lockout too.

RRP £565

Best price £508.99

RockShox Yari RC Solo Air

The Yari is a more affordable and less sophisticated version of RockShox’ well regarded enduro fork – the Lyrik. While its crown and lowers are identical to its fancier stablemate, the Yari has a simpler damper and is slightly heavier, weighing just over 2.1kg.

35mm legs give the Yari plenty of stiffness and control, and it can also take pretty much anything you’re likely to encounter on a trail easily within its stride.

There’s no separate compression controls, just a single crown-top dial. The Yari is available in loads of different travel options of 10mm increments from 120mm to 180mm and will there’s a 29in version as well as 27.5in.

RRP £646.99

Best price £469.99

Marzocchi 350 CR

If you’re dreaming of a RockShox Pike but simply don’t have the cash, then Marzocchi’s 350 CR is well worth serious consideration. The 350 CR is as equally capable of taming big hits as the Pike, but it’s performance is slightly less refined.

While the 350 CR is stiff and supportive, it also sensitive enough to smooth out small bumps. Weight is a touch lighter than the RockShox Yari at just over 2kg and the Marzocchi fork has 35mm legs too.

The 350 CR only comes with 160mm travel to fit a 27.5in wheel.

RRP £430

Best price £429.95

Five Best Black Friday 2017 Deals For Cyclists

Black Friday is great for getting that bit of kit or part that has been just a little too expensive to justify.

However, there are just so many deals it’s hard to know what the best bargains are. We’ve trawled all the sites and come up with these beauties for you. Please use the click through and help us keep Two Wheels Better going 🙂

Garmin Edge 1000

Garmin is the name synonymous with bike computers and, until recently, the Edge 1000 was their flagship model. Featuring preloaded maps, wireless uploads and live tracking the Edge 1000 is the ultimate companion on any ride. With a 3-inch high-resolution colour touch screen and turn by turn navigation, it is easy to operate and follow your route. Not sure where to head out today? Enter how far you want to go and the Edge 1000 will calculate up to 3 routes for you to choose.

The Edge 1000 is an extremely capable bike computer that will track more than just your metrics and with Black Friday Deals you can pick one up for 40% off.

RRP £499.99

Best price £299.99

Shimano Performance Windbreak Jacket

With the temperatures dropping we could all do with an extra warm layer. The Shimano Performance Windbreak Jacket could be the perfect option and now with 65% off, you’ve got no reason not to be warm this winter.

The front features a windproof material to prevent warmth escaping your core, with a brushed underside to keep the heat in. The rear of the jacket features a highly breathable fabric, allowing moisture to easily escape, stopping any feeling of clamminess and cooling down as you work up a sweat.

The jacket also features reflective strips all around to ensure you’re visible as well as zippered back and chest pockets to keep all your valuables accessible.

RRP £149.99

Best price £53.09

SealSkinz Lightweight Overshoes

The SealSkinz Lightweight Overshoes are the perfect way to keep your feet warm and dry on your winter rides when you don’t want to commit to a full winter overshoe. Providing protection from light rain with a water-resistant neoprene shell and a ‘Storm flap’ on the rear zip.

The reflective rear zipper improves visibility keeping you safer as the days get shorter so are perfect for longer rides as well as commuting. The overshoes feature an open underfoot design along with full-length rear zip and loop on the heel, to allow easy fitting when used with cleated cycling shoes.

An essential buy in the British winter and at half price in the Black Friday sales there’s no reason to have wet feet on your rides.

RRP £40.00

Best price £20.00

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer

With the days getting shorter and colder the best way to get the miles in maybe inside. For some, the idea of riding a bike indoors defeats the whole point of cycling but with apps like Zwift indoor training is becoming more bearable.

To get the most out of your indoor training you will need a smart trainer. The Vortex is a more affordable option to get into interactive training, giving you a maximum resistance of 950 watts and the ability to simulate gradients of up to 7%.

It has both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to use most of your sensors whilst training. The Tacx comes with its own dedicated training app or you can use it with many other third-party software such as Zwift and TrainerRoad.

RRP £399.99

Best price £307.99

Muc-Off Duo Pack Xtra Value Bike Care Pack

If you do decide to ride your bike outside this winter, it is inevitably going to get dirty. In order to keep your pride and joy clean and protected you’ll need some cleaning products.

The Muc-Off Duo Pack contains a 1-litre bottle of Biodegradable bike cleaner featuring their ‘Nano Tech’ cleaning formula. The bike cleaner is safe to use on all bike parts as well as yourself. The bottle is also refillable with their concentrated formula.

The Bike Spray protects and preserves your bike, keeping it cleaner for longer. The spray disperses water left from cleaning your bike and its high oil content helps prevent corrosion.

RRP £18.99

Best price £11.20


5 Things to Improve Your Visibility on a Bike

We all have to ride in the darkness sometimes, and for many people – early starters or late finishers – it’s part of the routine, whether for commuting or just getting out early (or back late).

And when that happens you’ve got make sure you’re as visible as possible. Here are five of our favourite products to use when you need to make sure everyone else on the road can see you.

See.Sense – Icon Rear Light

The obvious way to be seen while on the bike is with lights, so we couldn’t exclude them from our lisat of the best ways to be visible on a bike. However, the See.Sense Icon rear light is no ordinary bike light, it’s a USB rechargeable, 190 lumen light with 15 hours of battery (whilst on flash mode) and comes with smartphone app to check the battery.

What separates the See.Sense from other bike lights is that it is the only bike light that can react, by flashing brighter and faster, to any hazards you might be approaching. While connected to the app the light can text your emergency contact with your location if you’ve had a crash or let you know if someone is trying to steal your bike.

RRP £65

Best price £56.99

Moon – Merak Bar-End Rear Lights

Another light that will help improve your visibility while ridingise the Moon Merak Bar-End Rear Light. These lights have the advantage of being attached to your bar ends, giving traffic a better indication of how wide your bike is and hence more likely to give you more room.

The lights feature 5 modes, including a bright day flash mode and will last 100 hours with a CR2032 coin battery. The lights are mounted using a magnetic bracket for easy attachment and removal when not in use..

RRP £19.99

Best price £13

Lumos Helmet

More lights mean more visibility and having them integrated into your helmet make it that bit easier. Lumos haven’t just stuck some lights onto a helmet when they designed the Lumos Helmet, they gave it a USB rechargeable battery, wireless remote, turn signals and hard brake lights.

All these features in the safety-certified helmet will help increase your visibility on your next commute.

Buy from Lumos £159

Provis – REFLECT360 Men’s Cycling Jacket

Next on the essentials when trying to make yourself more visible is reflective clothing. The REFLECT360 Men’s Cycling Jacket takes reflective clothing to the next level. As its name suggests the jacket features a 100% reflective outer-shell, improving your visibility to hazards at all angles.

The jacket is also highly waterproof with has taped inner seams and waterproof zip as well as front, shoulder/back and underarm vents to allow you to regulate your body temperature. The jacket also has several zipped pockets to keep all your valuables safe when you’re cycling.

RRP £79.99

Best price £71.99

Prologo – OneTouch 2 Handlebar Tape

Perhaps more of a marginal gain when it comes to improving your visibility whilst riding but every little helps.

Prologo OneTouch 2 Handlebar Tape features reflective sections on the tape that, when wrapped around your bars, improve your bike’s visibility at both the bar ends and tops.

Also available in fluro yellow the tape provides excellent grip due to Prologo’s CPC material similar to that found on their CPC saddle range.

RRP £25.99

Best price £18.95

red bulls

Red Bull’s 2016 Foxhunt was a thing of beauty

The Premise

400 riders (the hounds) go hell for leather across moorland and down singletrack on a 3.5 mile course, chased by the mighty former DH champion Gee Atherton (the fox), who must do his best to overtake every last one of them before they reach the bottom.

The video

Here’s MTB commentator Rob Warner’s amazing and hilarious POV of the ride. It’s full of swears.

The result

Gee managed to overtake a grand total of 399 riders this year, with three-time winner Colin Ross managing to pull ahead early, and stay out. But it doesn’t really matter who won… what matters is the video below. It gives you a great middle-of-the-pack idea of just how bonkers this event really is. And after watching it, we’re tempted to give it a go. Pretty sure Gee could just about sneak past us though…

Tempted to give it a try yourself?

gear cycle

Casual cyclist gear – re-cycle shirt

We have dropped the ball a bit recently on our casual cyclist gear posts. No real reason as to why , we have just been writing about so much other stuff but this was one of the first things we did on this blog and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

So we have decided to resurrect it and this weeks offering comes from Ali Express, (mainly because no local bike shops send us stuff to feature – come on guys).

This comes with a warning, we love the design but we have no idea of the quality of the shirt and if it is ethically sourced or not.

Re-Cycle Casual Cycling T-shirt – $15.19
recycling cycle shirt
We get that AliExpress might not have the best green credential and we see the irony.

If you are looking for a slightly more exclusive shirt then why not sign up for our weekly newsletter here as we will be picking our first 5 winners exclusively from this list.

Just Ride Cycling t-shirt
Sign up to our newsletter and you could win this.